2020 International Women's Day

Wednesday, 2020, March 11

2020 International Women's Day:
Women of LCBC provide foodstuffs to two orphanages

On the side-lines of the celebration of the International Women’s Day and the National Women’s Week, celebrated on 8 March of each year, female staff of LCBC, on Saturday, 7 March 2020, handed-over food supplies to two orphanages in N’Djamena - Chad. Worth a total amount of about FCFA one million, the donations comprised of bags of rice, oil cans, bags of sugar and corn flour, boxes of tomatoes and sardines, children’s clothes, school kits and soap boxes, etc. The food supplies were donated to the “Shalom” and “La Fondation d’Amour” orphanages, located in the 6th and 7th districts of N’Djamena.

Speaking at the handing-over ceremony, Mrs. Ngo Njip Julienne Marie, bilingual secretary and on behalf of female staff of LCBC, conveyed the affectionate greetings of LCBC hierarchy. She indicated that women play an important role in our world which is in perpetual movement to ensure peace and happiness in the home.

Mrs. Ngo Njip added that this year’s women’s day theme: “Gender: Stakes and Prospects”, compels us to provide support and comfort to vulnerable groups. The bilingual secretary stated that children in these orphanages live in difficult conditions, and it is for this reason that female staff of LCBC decided to provide not only maternal warmth but also put a smile on their faces, even if it was only for the time of a celebration.
Pastor Belngar Ben Thierry of “La Fondation d'Amour” and the Director of “Shalom”, Mrs. Koumatolal Marceline thanked the female staff of LCBC for their commitment and gesture which testifies to charity and love towards children because they are God’s gift.

"La Fondation d'Amour” on the one hand is a self-funded orphanage and receives support from Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and good will gestures. It was established in 1996, and provides shelter to 65 children composed of abandoned children and orphans. While “Shalom” on the other hand is operational since 2015, and provides shelter to 38 children consisting of abandoned children, children victims of violence in northern Nigeria, orphans, etc. Children of these two orphanages, whose ages range from 0 to 18, learn the school curriculum and small trades such as leather work, sewing and electricity.

This ceremony organised by female staff of LCBC with the support of its partners thus marks the end of week-long events that started with a photo exhibition on the “central role of women in the management of water resources in the Lake Chad Basin” at the headquarters of LCBC, discussions as well as a presentation of women’s grievances such as their representation in decision-making bodies and within the Commission. The appointment was taken for next year!