Mandate and missions


  • Sustainable and equitable management  of the Lake Chad waters and other transboundary water resources  of the Lake Chad  Basin;
  • Preservation and protection of ecosystems of the catchment area;
  • Promotion of integration, and preservation of peace and security peace in the Conventional Basin.


  1. To collect, evaluate, and disseminate information on projects prepared by member States and recommend plans for common projects and joint research programmes in the Basin;
  2. To keep close contact between the High Contracting Parties with a view to ensuring the most efficient use of the waters of the Basin;
  3. To monitor the execution of studies and works in the basin, and to keep member States informed;
  4. To draw up common rules regarding navigation and transport;
  5. To draw up staff regulations and to ensure their application;
  6. To examine complaints and to promote the settlement of disputes.
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