Lake Chad Basin Observatory

Mission of the Lake Chad Basin Observatory « LACBO »

Enhance knowledge, develop a regional integrated information system for decision-making, monitor and assessment of progress towards a true protection and conservation of Lake Chad Basin ecosystems from the perspective of sustainable development and poverty alleviation. The specific missions are:

  1. Collect, process, store and analyze data and information on water, environment and socio-economy to monitor the basin;
  2. Analyze and evaluate changes in environmental policy (prospective studies);
  3. Prepare and disseminate information tools to help in decision-making (two-year report on the state of environment, thematic and regional monographs, periodical thematic bulletins);
  4. Produce aggregated indicators and complete information on the state of the environment in the basin ;
  5. Initiate actions aimed to improve the knowledge of the environment and resources (studies, expertise, research);
  6. Promote the harmonization of environmental methods and techniques;
  7. Implement and promote national, regional and international exchange and partnership programs on environment and development.
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